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Hand Dryer Deals That Meet Both Your Budget and Your Needs.

We know hand dryers – literally inside out – and we also listened to our customers!

Whether it’s blade hand dryers, hot-air hand dryers, ‘Quiet’- technology hand dryers, high-powered, fast hand-dryers, we have tried and tested the vast range of hand-dryers availalble in the marketplace that combine both reliability and low running costs.

Our parent company has been selling, installing and servicing hand dryers in commercial premises for the past decade, so we know the industry – and the products – extremely well.

However, customer research indicates that you would like to be able to choose from a simplified range of dryers: a bargain- priced workhorse, a mid-range hand-dryer and a top-of-the-range model.

So that is exactly what we did.

We simplified the range and now offer three hand-dryers;

  • The Airlite Max II,
  • The Veltia Triblade
  • and the Dyson Airblade V

Our very own Airlite Max II represents amazing value – just look at the specification on the product!

The Veltia Triblade offers great reliability and performance at a mid-range price and finally, the Dyson Airblade V represents the ulitmate in technology and build, for those who want the extra performance and cachet delivered by the Dyson brand.

The choice is now so much easier, but the deals we offer represent massive savings on regular prices – so you now have the best of both worlds. Our range is now good, better or best – the choice is yours as are the massive savings.



Comprehensive Warranties

Our products also carry comprehensive warranties and are supported by nationwide service centres to help you sort any unexpected issues.


With the growing concerns about rising energy prices, we have sourced some of the most reliable, eco-friendly and economical-to-run hand dryers on the market – at prices that are hard to beat.

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